CIPS – How it works

Each job is carefully arranged according to click-through effectiveness, then, placed in the correct category and job location on each relevant job website. Application forms are populated with trackable links and are uniquely generated for each sumbission, thus giving you clear insights into how effictively you jobs are promoted. CIPS also uses this information for A.I. decision making on a per-job basis.

Optimized and A/B tested images are used for each job post and are progressively changed per job post. CIPS is always optimizing click information and dynamically targetting images based on your job details, job site effectiveness, driving ever-more targeted traffic to your jobs.

CIPS is always learning

We built our technology to learn as many parameters as possible such as Job Title lengths and wording, job description keywords, location and salary ranges. In total CIPS is programmed to automatically recognise and test over 82 parameters with each submission. CIPS has the power to learn your job information, deploy to the best-performing websites at the time of day your job seekers are most active, pushing the highest converting images, moreover CIPS Repeats and posts your jobs non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High-converting images

Images improve job click-throughs by up to 60%. Some images work far better than others, yet the same image may not convert so well on multiple job sites. CIPS keeps track of this, and will only deploy best- performing images within the highest converting range; Therefore, CIPS shows different images paired with your job across hundreds platforms, and is designed to use the best converting images each time, delivering consistent click-through improvements on hundreds of thousands of image data points alone.

CIPS Loves A/B Testing

Job seekers vary in their quality and respond to job descriptions and titles in varying ways. CIPS A/B tests titles, descriptions, salary ranges, locations and key job details by splitting your posted job information down into key sections, using parts or a combination when posting, again only doing so if proven to drive more click-throughs. CIPS may even competely rewrite your description in some situations if more interest is proven to be delivered that way.

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